To the Moon and Back…Twice

(February 2008)

Million Mile Awards are presented to Houff Transfer driver who have driven 1,000,000 consecutive miles without a preventable truck crash. That’s equivalent to driving to the moon and back…twice.

At our Feb. 8 Safety Banquet, we recognized the following drivers’ outstanding safety records by presenting them with a million-mile Houff jacket, a plaque and a diecast Houff truck with their accomplishment etched on the side.

One Million Safe Miles: Tommy Clapsaddle

Two Million Safe Miles: Eldon Strike

Years of Safe Driving Awards were given to drivers who have driven in five-year increments without a preventable crash. They were awarded a cash prize for their accomplishment.

Five Years of Safe Driving:
David Hartman
Billy Lough
Winston Rhodes
Lewis Tingler

Ten Years of Safe Driving:
Bob Reed
Daniel Swimm

Fifteen Years of Safe Driving:
Harry Whitesell

All of our Virginia-based drivers working out Weyers Cave, Richmond, Norfolk, and Lynchburg offices went the entirety of 2007 without a lost-time injury.

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