On every Houff Transfer truck and at every terminal entrance are these words: “SAFETY STARTS HERE.”  Safety is simply part of our company’s DNA. Day after day, mile after mile, sound operating practices and excellent maintenance result in improved workplace safety and accident prevention.

We are not only interested in the safety and welfare of our employees, but also in the communities where we do business.  In 2009 we partnered with the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Trucking Association to promote the “Move Over” campaign.  This is a law that requires motorist to “move over or slow down” when approaching emergency vehicles on the side of the roadway.

Among the company’s recent safety awards:

  • In 2010, Safety Director Alan Caviness was named the Virginia Trucking Association’s Safety Professional of the Year.
  • In 2009, Houff Transfer won the Virginia Board of Transportation Governor’s Safety Award for Motor Carrier Safety, becoming the first motor carrier to ever win the award.  This award is usually presented to a law enforcement agency.
  • In 2008, the company received both the Virginia Trucking Association Fleet Safety Award and the Maryland Motor Truck Association Chairman’s Safety Award.  Both of these awards are the top fleet safety awards in their respective state.

We give away trucks!  Houff Transfer regularly rewards its drivers and shop employees for their individual and collective safety records. Every three months that the entire company goes without a lost-time injury, HTI holds an employee drawing for a free television or satellite radio. When the company goes an entire 12 months without a lost time injury, the drawing is for a new 4×4 pick-up truck!

Houff Transfer drivers are recognized for safety milestones they reach for years of safe driving and accumulating a million miles without a crash.

Realizing absenteeism due to illness costs money, Houff Transfer is pro-active in promoting wellness and good health of its employees. Every year the company sponsors a weight loss program, whereby employees and their spouses are awarded $15 for every pound they lose between January and Thanksgiving.

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