Nunnally’s biggest loser’s in 2016!

Congratulations to Yvonne Nunnally, wife of Richmond driver Mike Nunnally. Yvonne worked hard to lose weight this year and participated in Houff’s weight lose program. She lost 51 pounds this year and has the distinction of being the biggest loser this year! Eating healthy and wisely had its effect on Mike also, he lost 24 pounds was second place for losing weight in Houff’s weight lose program. Way to go Nunnally’s!

Houff’s weight lose program pays employees and their spouses $15 dollars a pound to lose weight. For 2016 a total of 208 pounds were lost, and Houff paid out $3,120.00 for the accomplishment!


Congratulations to Truck Winner Stanley Freemantle

(August 2009)

Congratulations to all Houff Transfer Inc company drivers and shop personnel who went an entire 12 months without a lost-time injury. Because of this awesome feat, the company gave away a new 2009 Ford F150  at the company picnic in August. The winner: Stanley Freemantle of Verona.

Since starting the truck award program in 2005, Houff has given away two trucks. What employee will be next to win?

HTI Wins Governor’s Safety Award

(August 2009) 

The Virginia Board of Transportation presented Houff Transfer with its Governor’s Award for Motor Carrier Safety. The award usually goes to a law enforcement agency and Houff Transfer is the first motor carrier to win the award. The company was honored for its “Safety Starts Here” campaign which it began in 2005 by placing decals along the door handles of all their trucks. This program was expanded to include decals on every door at every HTI facility to ensure Houff drivers understand that safety starts with them.

To the Moon and Back…Twice

(February 2008)

Million Mile Awards are presented to Houff Transfer driver who have driven 1,000,000 consecutive miles without a preventable truck crash. That’s equivalent to driving to the moon and back…twice.

At our Feb. 8 Safety Banquet, we recognized the following drivers’ outstanding safety records by presenting them with a million-mile Houff jacket, a plaque and a diecast Houff truck with their accomplishment etched on the side.

One Million Safe Miles: Tommy Clapsaddle

Two Million Safe Miles: Eldon Strike

Years of Safe Driving Awards were given to drivers who have driven in five-year increments without a preventable crash. They were awarded a cash prize for their accomplishment.

Five Years of Safe Driving:
David Hartman
Billy Lough
Winston Rhodes
Lewis Tingler

Ten Years of Safe Driving:
Bob Reed
Daniel Swimm

Fifteen Years of Safe Driving:
Harry Whitesell

All of our Virginia-based drivers working out Weyers Cave, Richmond, Norfolk, and Lynchburg offices went the entirety of 2007 without a lost-time injury.

Congratulations to Truck winner Robert Yopp

(August 2006)

Congratulations to all Houff Transfer Inc company drivers and shop personnel who went the entire year of 2005 without a lost-time injury. Because of this awesome feat, the company gave away a new 2006 GMC 4×4 pickup truck at the Safety Banquet in February. The winner: Robert Yopp. Robert, who stated he had never won or been given anything in his life received two blessings within the same week. His second was having his son return safely from a tour of duty in Iraq . Robert lives in Covington . If you are ever in the area and want to see the truck, check out the Covington drop lot.

Houff Transfer joins Habitat for Humanity in Community Effort

(August 2006)

The buzz saw’s a buzzing. The hammer’s a hammering. A home is being built. Houff Transfer, Inc employees, in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity and other organizations have spearheaded the building of a home in Staunton, Virginia for a needy family. Nineteen Houff employees met June 17th and set the four outside walls. They also assisted in building a back porch next door for a neighbor who sold the land to Habitat for Humanity for the homesite.

The next work day for Houff employees is scheduled for August 26, 2006 . All employees are welcome to assist in this much appreciated and rewarding venture. For more information contact Maria Botkin at the Weyers Cave office.