Summer 2019; New Freightliner Columbia Day Cabs Arrive

Houff Transfer added several Freightliner Columbia day cab trucks to the fleet. These trucks have Detroit Diesel engines that the highly experienced and knowledgeable mechanics in our shop reconditioned and specially built for use in these glider models.

Driver Pay Increase: July 1, 2019

Houff Transfer increased all driver’s pay on July 1, 2019. Houff employs the finest professional truck drivers and rewards them for the excellent job they do. Regional road drivers now receive addition mileage pay for each year worked for the first five years.

Fall 2018 New International LT’s and Freightliner Cascadia’s arrive






In October and November 2018, Houff received a shipment of new 2019 International LT’s for our Local Mileage Drivers. All going in to service immediately. Also new 2019 Freightliner Cascadia’s are beginning to arrive; these will be going into service soon for our Regional Road Drivers.


2017-2018 Scholarship Plan

The 2017-2018 scholarship program for employees has made scholarship awards for the upcoming school year. Congratulations to scholarship recipients. The program is open to employees and lease operators with children, step-children, grandchildren, or a spouse enrolled in higher education.

Nunnally’s biggest loser’s in 2016!

Congratulations to Yvonne Nunnally, wife of Richmond driver Mike Nunnally. Yvonne worked hard to lose weight this year and participated in Houff’s weight lose program. She lost 51 pounds this year and has the distinction of being the biggest loser this year! Eating healthy and wisely had its effect on Mike also, he lost 24 pounds was second place for losing weight in Houff’s weight lose program. Way to go Nunnally’s!

Houff’s weight lose program pays employees and their spouses $15 dollars a pound to lose weight. For 2016 a total of 208 pounds were lost, and Houff paid out $3,120.00 for the accomplishment!


Houff Transfer’s Biggest Loser 2015

Houff encourages employees and spouses to live healthy lifestyles and pays them $15 a pound to lose weight.  In 2015, Houff bought 204 pounds of fat for $3,060.00!





Congratulations to Tony Skarzinski who lost the most weight on Houff’s 2015 weight loss program by losing a whopping 42 pounds! Tony says his blood pressure is down and his energy level is up. We are so proud of you Tony!

Who will be 2016’s biggest loser?

Trucking Company Helps Publicize Virginia’s ‘Move Over’ Law

(December 2015)A trucking company is taking action to raise awareness of safety by putting stickers on trucks to keep first responders and those who work on the roads safe.

Houff Transfer in Weyers Cave started the “move over” bumper stickers campaign in 2009. This year they have made 100 stickers to go on the back of trailers. The “move over” law requires drivers to change lanes or slow down and cautiously pass emergency responders when they are on the side of the road.  This includes highway maintenance vehicles and tow trucks as well.

20151201_102155(L to R is Alan Caviness, Safety Director,  Zane Houff, President, Sr. Trooper C.E. ZenZen and Trooper M.C. Brill)

“It means a lot just to know you’re giving the state trooper or construction worker all the room he needs so he’ll be safe,” said Clyde Saunders, a truck driver with Houff Transfer.

According to the Virginia State Police, in 2015 there have been eight troopers struck while either outside or seated inside of their vehicles when working on highways.

See the entire story on the WHSV website

Daily News Record in Harrisonburg Va. reports on Houff weight loss program

(December 2012)

Houff Transfer has a weight loss incentive for employees and their spouses. Houff recognizes the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and how weight loss can improve the quality of life for employees and their families. To encourage employees, Houff pays them and their spouses $15 a pound to lose weight. The Daily News Record in Harrisonburg Va published an article on this program.