2022 VTA Fleet Safety Award goes to Houff Transfer Inc.

Our next award recognizes outstanding fleet safety performance. The Grand Trophy for Fleet Safety is awarded to the company which, in the opinion of the judges, had the best overall safety record and program during calendar year 2022.
Safety is simply part of this company’s DNA 🧬 which is why on every truck and at each terminal, they have written the words: “Safety Starts Here.”
They regularly reward their drivers and shop employees for their individual and collective safety records. Every three months that the entire company goes without a lost-time injury, they hold an employee drawing for a free television or satellite radio. When the company goes an entire 12 months without a lost time injury, the drawing is for a new 4×4 pickup truck! 🛻
In 2009, this company became the first motor carrier to ever win the Virginia Board of Transportation Governor’s Safety Award for Motor Carrier Safety, an award that is usually given to a law enforcement agency.
Obviously, our winner is a very safety-focused company and as they say the proof is in the pudding. In 2022, their drivers traveled over 5 million miles and only had 1 accident out of 158 drivers.
This company is an active member of the VTA, with 8 employees having attended 14 different Association events in the last year alone. Their immediate past Safety Director was previously named the VTA Safety Professional of the Year and chaired a our annual Safety & HR Conference many times. They are almost always the first to answer the call to help whether that be by volunteering with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)’s Sharing the Road program or by providing over 100 chairs at last year’s state truck driving championships.
The 2023 Grand Trophy for Fleet Safety Award goes to Houff Transfer, Inc.!
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We celebrated Ray Cason’ s final full day of work before retirement after 31 years(almost 32years) at Houff Transfer as a Tire/Trailer Shop Technician. There isn’t a tire in our fleet Ray didn’t work on to ensure our drivers stayed safe and on the road! We will miss Rays always positive attitude and dedication. He will forever be part of our Houff Transfer family and we wish him many happy years of retirement ahead!

Weight loss program

Houff Transfer strives to keep our employees healthy & safe. In those efforts, we offer our employees & spouses a weight loss incentive each year which encourages healthy living! We pay our winners $15 per pound of weight lost!
Congratulations to this year’s winners who lost a combined total of 114 pounds for a total of $1,710!

2022 BIGGEST LOSER goes to Jeff Carr, followed by

  • Christie Carr

  • Jessica Rhodenizer

  • Lisa Cox

  • Devin Singleton

  • Anthony Miller

Congratulations everyone! Who wants to be the BIGGEST LOSER in 2023?

Celebrating our soon to be Retirees

We are celebrating three (soon to be) retirees this week!
These three gentlemen have dedicated a combined 74 years of service to Houff Transfer, Inc and will definitely be missed!
Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and friendships! We wish you many healthy years of rest & relaxation! You deserve it!
  • Ray Cason with 31 years
  • Alan Cavines with 20 years
  • Dave Russell with 23 years

Congratulations to Tommy Clapsaddle being named “Driver of the Year” by the Virginia Trucking Association.

Tommy Clapsaddle, a driver from Houff Transfer, Covington, was chosen driver of the year. A navy veteran, Clapsaddle has been a driver for 42 years and has accumulated over 3 million safe and accident free miles. Congratulations!

2022-2023 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to Brooklyn Crummet, daughter of Jessica Rhodenzier, who is attending Marymount College.

Congratulations to Carter Housh, son of Brenda Housh, who is attending Blue Ridge Community College.

Congratulations to Jacob Winn, son of Timothy Winn, who is attending Roanoke College.