Congratulations to Tommy Clapsaddle being named “Driver of the Year” by the Virginia Trucking Association.

Tommy Clapsaddle, a driver from Houff Transfer, Covington, was chosen driver of the year. A navy veteran, Clapsaddle has been a driver for 42 years and has accumulated over 3 million safe and accident free miles. Congratulations!

2022-2023 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to Brooklyn Crummet, daughter of Jessica Rhodenzier, who is attending Marymount College.

Congratulations to Carter Housh, son of Brenda Housh, who is attending Blue Ridge Community College.

Congratulations to Jacob Winn, son of Timothy Winn, who is attending Roanoke College.

2022 Safe Driving awards given out at the Company Picnic

5 Years for Charles Wood out of Baltimore (retired)10 Years for Tom Bloom out of Suffolk
10 Years for Shawn Dabney out of Richmond10 Years for Marlon Cox out of Richmond
15 Years for Danny Steed out of Richmond25 Years for Rich Seese out of Weyers Cave
25 Years for Tommy Clapsaddle out of Covington

2021-22 Dodge Truck Winner

Congratulations to Marlon Cox, a driver out of Richmond on winning a Dodge Ram 1500 4×4, 4 door Pickup at our annual company picnic. When HTI goes an entire 12 months without a lost time injury, the drawing is for a new 4×4 pick-up truck!

2017-2018 Scholarship Plan

The 2017-2018 scholarship program for employees has made scholarship awards for the upcoming school year. Congratulations to scholarship recipients. The program is open to employees and lease operators with children, step-children, grandchildren, or a spouse enrolled in higher education.

Nunnally’s biggest loser’s in 2016!

Congratulations to Yvonne Nunnally, wife of Richmond driver Mike Nunnally. Yvonne worked hard to lose weight this year and participated in Houff’s weight lose program. She lost 51 pounds this year and has the distinction of being the biggest loser this year! Eating healthy and wisely had its effect on Mike also, he lost 24 pounds was second place for losing weight in Houff’s weight lose program. Way to go Nunnally’s!

Houff’s weight lose program pays employees and their spouses $15 dollars a pound to lose weight. For 2016 a total of 208 pounds were lost, and Houff paid out $3,120.00 for the accomplishment!